• Escaping arranged marriage in Ethiopia to run a restaurant in Coffs Harbour

    By Liz Keen

    Tigist Teresa was born in rural Ethiopia the same year that Bob Geldof put a spotlight on her country's horrific famine.

  • Sneak peek into North Korea

    Panmunjom village, a pocket territory inside the 4-kilometer Demilitarized Zone between South and North Korea, is the hottest flash point in the 65-year-old conflict that besieged the Korean peninsula.

  • Back to the motherland

    By Paul Schemm

    The first time Abezash Tamerat returned to her native Ethiopia, she walked out of the airport terminal’s sliding doors only to turn around and walk right back in, briefly overwhelmed by the press of beggars and taxi drivers clamoring outside.

  • The fountain of music

    By Heirete Yibaleh

    Some 1,500 years ago, a young man from a strong religious background, was born in the kingdom of Aksum, a major trading center and a powerful empire in the ancient world.

  • Birthplace of Christianity

    By Eden Zekarias

    If you ask most people today where the first human being was found, chances are they can probably tell you Ethiopia. What's not so widely known is that Ethiopia remains home to the the oldest Christian tradition in the world.

  • Mothers’ Day: the Ethiopian version

    Extracting the edible substance from Enset, one of the famous staple foods and an indigenous plant to Southern Ethiopia, is a rather complicated task to perform.


Putting an end to inconsistent practices

The EPRDF-led government of Ethiopia has been criticized

Bringing to justice perpetrators behind leaking of national exams!

One of the manifestations of moral depravity is thievery.

Credible self-assessment needed

The ruling Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Fr

Remembering citizens nation owes debt of gratitude while they live!

Last week Ethiopia lost one of its wonderful sons who pla

An exercise in futility

As a critical factor in fulfilling the hopes and aspirati

Honoring for posterity our brave patriots!

The invading Italian army, which was routed in the epoch-

Abandoning practices detracting from the national interest

The ability of a government to lead a country capably and

An opportune time for self-criticism

The massacre of 208 innocent civilians and the abduction

Ethiopian Reporter TV

By Yonas Abiye


This year, the world has experienced a series of calamitous events related to terrorism, wars, and instabilities. By the same token, a new report from the UN revealed that there are now more refugees on Earth than ever before in human history.

Horseback riding is one of the most secluded sporting events in the world where the most elite and the well-to-do partake in the activity.

By Tibebeselassie Tigabu


Cairo, an artwork that embodies the dichotomy of the ancient, contemporary, social and political life of the capital of Egypt, received critical acclaim from the art world.

By Dawit Tolesa


MTN-Qhubeka made history last year by becoming the first African-registered team to participate in the Tour de France – with Daniel Teklehaimanot and Merhawi Kudus the first Eritreans to compete – and this year will see a further milestone in the progress of African cycling as Tsgabu Grmay lines up as the Tour’s first ever Ethiopian.