The all-Ethiopia Union Party (AEUP), one of the major opposition political parties in Ethiopia, last weekend elected the veteran politician Bezabih Demisse (PhD) as its new president.

President Mulatu Teshome (PhD) at a press conference held at the National Palace in connection with the silver jubilee celebration of May 28, the downfall of the Derg regime, said that though the country is registering a great deal of achievement in the past twenty five years, the country is still a home for some 22 million people who live under extreme poverty.

This week the number children who were abducted by the South Sudanese Murle tribe reached 44 and

Getachew Reda, head of Government Communication Affairs Office (GCAO), at a press conference held with local journalists on Thursday, said that the Ethiopian government is involving the South Sudanese government for the safe return of the children who were abducted by gunmen from the Murele tribe of South Sudan. “Negotiations are very vital in bringing back the abduct children alive,” he said.