By Zecharias Getahun

Wei is 48 years old and she arrived here half a year ago. In Dukem town of the Oromia Regional State she has rented a large house just opposite the Eastern Industrial Zone where she has a restaurant called (when translated from Chinese)

Business was slow on Tuesday May 5 at Tefera Car Dealer, which is located off Cameroon Street, Bole sub-City. A 2010 Toyota Hilux D4D, a 2004 Toyota Yaris Compact, a 2015 Toyota Rav4, and a few other cars, which were mostly of Japanese-make, were on display.

By Cyrielle Bouju

Reopened in January 2015, after a year and a half of permit issues, Abyssinia Ballooning is back on track and is offering customers the astonishing chance to discover the earth from above.

With the May general election fast approaching, news headlines are dominated by election campaign and the talk of politics.